Hate Redoing Things?

I was lost somewhere inside my mind today at work, doing my part of our current little project as the new kid (17) did his a few feet away.

I have no idea how, but I suddenly got a tingle in my sixth sense that he was about to do his part backwards — another one of those many times his routine is interrupted by yet another “this is a special case” scenarios.

He must think they’re ALL special cases. 🙄

It wouldn’t have been a big deal, just a few extra minutes redoing it, but I still prefer to catch mistakes beforehand.

*Redoing, or wasting my time rather, is probably top three on my pet peeves list.

He told me something along the lines of, “I just didn’t realize this was the kind that had a certain way.” I shared something with him I felt was worth repeating.

Whenever you’re doing somethingin life, not just here — ask yourself, “what am I missing?”

What am I forgetting?

Assume there’s something you’re missing, because it seems like there usually is, and once in a while you get a pleasant surprise.

I admit it’s probably a neurotic (autocorrect changed that word to beautiful the first time, and I’m a bit inclined to agree 😉) outlook.

However, I think pleasant surprises occasionally are better than bad ones on the reg.

Want less do-overs? Ask, what am I missing here?

See you soon, D

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