The Principle of the Path: a Prison or Freedom

Hey hey!

I’m really happy you’re here; if this is your first time just know you’re welcome. Most of what I talk about ends up linking to faith (whether I mean for it to or not), but if you’re not on the same wavelength there’s still a chair for you. No one expects you to check your brain at the door.

I’m going to assume that, like me, there are still places both physical and metaphorical which you’d like to arrive at during your stay on earth. Perhaps marriage, a career goal, something financial, making friends, a certain vacation, or any other number of objectives are on your radar.

Problem is . . There’s a principle that relates to that, one that can be a prison or complete freedom.

You only arrive at the destination you head towards.

Just think about the implications of that for a minute

  • You will arrive where you are heading unless you turn, whether it was intended or not.
  • You will never reach where you want without heading that way.
  • At any moment you are free to adjust for a new destination.

Memphis, TN is roughly two hours away from me. I could drive straight past it. I could circle it indefinitely. I could go in the opposite direction. I could fly over or tunnel under it, but I cannot get to it without turning towards it and moving. Even if I am barely limping or crawling, I will still arrive at my destination — if I am moving in the right direction.

I was thinking of this earlier today in a spiritual sense, and that prompted this post. One of the things I want most out of life (and wholeheartedly believe could make your life better and you better at life — just sayin) is to follow Jesus well.

I regularly “wake up” to realize I haven’t been following for a while though, just meandering along to my own steps.

The scary part is we can’t get where we want by heading any other direction.

The beautiful part is yesterday and tomorrow don’t really exist, and at any second we can go a different direction.

I think a few questions are worth you and I asking ourselves?

Where do I hope to arrive?

What am I doing to get there?

What would it be like if I forgot about being consistent for a second? What could life look like if I headed in the direction of my desired destination?

See ya soon,


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