Freaking 2020

Hey hey!

How’s it going?

If this is your first time, or your first time in a while, welcome!

I won’t keep you long today; I just mainly want to say:

WOW. What a year huh?

2020 started out for me with things be-bopping along as usual. I never thought a few months later I would

  • have been in and out (mostly out) of Jiu Jitsu after pre-paying for a year
  • have “welcome team” duties at church which basically just consists of disinfecting before and after services
  • hit a long streak of not writing
  • nearly stop practicing guitar
  • gain several pounds and stretch all my favorite clothes to the limit, after previously giving away everything bigger (yikes)
  • finally have my long-distance relationship result in the future wifey moving near me — cigar anyone 😉

And the thing is . . . it was a crazy year, but I know mine has been spectacular compared to many others.

So if it’s been tough for you I’m sorry, and I so hope life picks up soon.

It has been dark some days. Dark-dark.

If you feel me, please just hold on longer. There’s hope, always. Even if you can’t see it. Hold out for the light.

See you soon.


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