Been Outside Lately?

I used to spend as much time outdoors as I could doing virtually anything, so long as I had a partner in crime. I don’t know for sure what happened… I think it was “adulting” that ruined it.

I remember having to create a new email address once I “moved back inside” because I didn’t think my old one still existed. I had been offline so long I didn’t remember any passwords and such.

It took little time for Facebook, tv, seclusion, and anxiety to begin consuming me. Strangely enough, pornography wasn’t an issue during those years I stayed outside. Or if it was I can’t remember it. I don’t think it was coincidence.

I’m thoroughly convinced there are several things good for most of us: outside, sweating, moderate level of busy, other people.

Looking back I think some aspects of my mental health in those days were the best they’ve ever been. Jiu Jitsu has been incredibly good for me, and I’ve no intention of stopping, but I feel I’ve been missing something all along.

I decided to start getting back to those roots; after church I got out as quick as I could and spent the afternoon. I feel much better, and wouldn’t ya know I can write again 😏

I’m not sure I’ve written about it here yet, but I’ve had such a hard time with careers. I’ve not been able to figure out what I’m made for/suited for/want to be/could stand getting up for each day. I do know, like some of you I’m sure, I can’t settle for less than finding a career I enjoy.

I’m beginning to think maybe I had it right in high school when I wanted to go into something game and fish related, but I was too lazy at that time to put in any real work.

Thankfully, for both of us, it’s never too late to get up, get outside, and get after it.

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