Why Martial Arts?

This is part of a series on the reasons I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and think it’s a great choice for many others.

I think a fitting first post is starting with why I started martial arts.

About that… the primary reasons I started aren’t the main reasons I continue now.

Middle school left… an impression… on me. I’ve only healed (or started the process) over the last few years. Lots of people have rough childhoods; I’m not special in that regard. I think I’m a little more sensitive than most though, or something, call it whatever you will.

Being hit, pushed, pencil shavings dumped down the collar of my shirt, and habitually threatened/demeaned in front of everyone affected me quite a bit psychologically. Fifth and sixth grade years were the worst.

I wanted to fight back, but I was too afraid of getting in trouble or losing. I don’t believe violence should be the answer, but it sure seems like the only answer some people understand.

Skip to my 30th trip around the sun, the desire to learn to defend myself hadn’t left at all. I think in many ways I was stuck in junior high.

I think lots of us are.

Hear me here please: I don’t fully understand any of it. Why I was/am the way I am, why BJJ has helped, why you would likely go through the same cycle I have of going for one reason and finding something different altogether. I just know Jiu Jitsu has been part of the solution for me — and many others.

There are lots of reasons and benefits, but that’s the one I want to connect over today. If your childhood left some scars, or maybe even open wounds, which seem to keep lingering then some type of martial art might be worth considering.

Note that I am NOT a mental health professional, and this post is for informational and entertainment purposes. Always consult with a professional before making big decisions regarding mental and physical health.

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