Why I Follow Jesus

This is a series meant to share (not necessarily in an order) the reasons I follow. I’m not a gifted theologian or apologist, just a me, and you’re a me too.

Following Jesus has made my life better (not easier) and made me better at life. I figured since we’re each a me it would be worth writing this all down. What I’d love most is if someone considered, “what if there’s something to that?”

I believe/follow because James did.

What would it take, really, for your sibling to convince you he was the Son of God, to kneel and call him Lord, to lay your life down rather than stop telling others who He is?

Jesus convinced his own brother that much.

It is well known and accepted even outside of the Christian community that Jesus’ brother James was a leader of the early church.

He didn’t always believe. It’s documented for us by the gospel writers, but even if it wasn’t … come on. No one would believe that about their sibling without proof.

What changed? James saw his brother again, risen from the dead, which Jesus predicted and pulled off.

James followed to the death believing his own brother was his Lord, not because of what he believed but what he saw.

Anyone who can predict his death/resurrection and pull it off — I’m gonna go with what He says.

James believed. I believe.

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