Tip For Singles Looking For Someone

Having trouble figuring out how/where to meet someone?

A great place to start is wherever you would like to spend time with a partner.

Do you hope to spend hours at a bookstore finding great reads together? Go have a blast at the bookstore by yourself; get lost in there! It will be fun either way, and you might end up meeting someone.

This same principle applies for virtually anything. One of the best ways to enjoy the meantime and find someone who will enjoy spending time with you is . . . Doing the things you enjoy.

It’s worth mentioning that not all activities are great ideas to do alone . . .

Also, I realize it’s not always ideal to do things alone, BUT it’s often easier to meet people if you’re not focused friends already with you. I feel like someone is even less likely to approach a person he/she might be interested in if it has to be in front of multiple people.

I do speak from experience here. I met my girlfriend through blogging when neither of us where looking, just doing what we enjoyed.

Until next time,


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