The Comfort Zone Is Killing Us

I’d like to talk with you today about something I’ve been reminded of in hopes that you’ll save some time and grief by learning from my story.

A couple weeks ago I finally got around to competing in my first Jiu-Jitsu tournament after a year and a half or so of prodding from my coach and teammates. The biggest takeaway? I wish I would have stepped out of my comfort zone a year and a half ago, or just anytime before now.

I told myself I wasn’t ever going to compete because that’s not why I do martial arts. Winning wasn’t a goal; my goals are fun, anxiety/Etc. relief, and self defense (not always in that order).

*If those appeal to you I’d say BJJ is worth a try for you too.

I found my current gym, found my way of rolling (sparring), found my little group of people, and had all my little anxiety-laden details taken care of. I didn’t see any need to get outside my bubble, even though I’m well aware of how detrimental bubbles are to growing.

The game (my methods) I’ve hammered into my brain and body this whole time completely didn’t work. It wasn’t coach’s fault; he taught good stuff that I never paid much attention to. I just liked my way better. I knew competition was different from sparring with my team, but I had to experience it to fully understand. I lost both matches; as upsetting as that was, I’m thankful. Competing is a good way to see how your game might hold up in self defense. You get one shot; points matter; the opponent isn’t your friend; adrenaline is pumping.

Ive kicked myself so many times since then because if I had gone and “failed” a year ago I could have been making the improvements since then that I am making now. I would be a year ahead. I used quotes because I’m slowly learning to see these kind of losses in life as beautiful opportunities to grow and improve.

We have to get uncomfortable to find out what needs work.

We have to get uncomfortable to find out where our strength lies.

We have to get uncomfortable to find out “it” is not end of the world.

We have to get uncomfortable to find out there really are people who will have our back.

I can virtually guarantee you I like the couch at least as much as you, but I’m ever more learning that I don’t like its results.

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