Relationship Tip — Show Them They’re The Best

One of the simplest ways to show your person you think they’re great is to assume the best when you don’t know for sure.

One of the quickest ways to escalate and/or cause conflict is to assume the worst.

I, and many like me, tend to assume the worst. In some ways it really makes sense . If we assume and prepare for the worst scenario we seldom get let down. But isn’t it a letdown still when your worst fears come true?

The problem is that assuming the worst causes us to make the conflict worse, or even create one that never had to happen.

If we start creating a habit of assuming the other person had good intentions or we misunderstood their words/actions there will definitely be times we end up disappointed. (Even our awesome people do things we don’t like sometimes, just like we do for them.)

Still, I would argue that the effects of assuming the worst will be much more costly in the end.

It’s hard for the other person to keep trying, and many will eventually give up. They often feel that “the worst” is what we think of them.

If your partner always assumed the worst from you wouldn’t you start to wonder if he or she thinks you’re worst? I know you don’t think that of your person, so perhaps it’s time to show them through actions how you think they are the best!

It takes time and development of self control; I’m still in the process myself, but I can tell you that everything goes much smoother when I assume she didn’t mean it that way, she has a good reason for whatever, she’s doing her best. She can see that I really am crazy about her. I’m easier to get along with. We fight less and they don’t last as long.

Love assumes the best my friend. Give it a shot today.

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