Why She Won’t Let It Go

Have you ever thought, “why won’t she just let that go?”

There’s a few things you probably should know; the first is that most likely she would love to.

Men and women tend to be wired differently, and this tends to be one of the areas we misunderstand each other.

You, most likely, are able to close out the browser tabs of your mind on command until a more convenient time comes for addressing the issue. They are likely to pop back up at some later time, but more when something else causes you to think of that thing again. Many of us can even set mental reminders to do something later and then forget about it.

She, most likely, would love to be able to do that and can’t. Something upsetting happened on a tab running inside her mind, and it just keeps popping up over and over. Either it won’t stay closed at all or reopens randomly and upsets her all over.

If you start paying attention you will likely also notice that she randomly remembers how much fun you had on that day, that sweet thing you said on a certain day, or the first time you told her how beautiful she is.

We all love better when we try to see things from the other person’s perspective, so maybe next time you wish she would stop bringing something up empathize with her a little. Imagine how annoying it is for her that it popped up again when she wanted to just enjoy the evening with you. Start there and your reaction may be altogether different.

Also, don’t forget to appreciate it the next time she randomly remembers the good things too!

Ladies, drop me a comment if there’s anything that should be added or phrased differently!

Guys, try seeing it from her perspective before you get defensive.

Everybody, be sure to follow the blog for future posts.

4 thoughts on “Why She Won’t Let It Go

  1. Listening is almost a thing of the past. Its a wonderful needed quality to have. It involves patience..acceptance…it is a shoulder to lean on. Listening is not hearing as it is these days. I think it is fading as traditions are in time🎄


    1. I agree, and I admit I too have a tough time really listening instead of waiting on a chance to respond. It takes want-to and is unfortunately not very common.
      Thanks for reading and commenting!


  2. Good post…. Always good to try and see things from another person perspective, especially if it’s your life partner… Furthermore, often times nobody is right or wrong, but both sides are just seeing things from different perspectives

    Liked by 1 person

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