A Hack For Tough Decisions

Some people, like myself, have difficulty making decisions. I think it’s a combination of high anxiety and wanting every choice to be perfect.

I have finally come to the realization that in most areas of life (even Jiu Jitsu) I spend a great deal of my time stuck in one place, frozen by indecision. My intuition allows me to predict a general outcome, and it’s usually fairly accurate; it’s often more accurate than I’d like. I get stuck because no choice seems like the “perfect” one.

Decisions can be confusing and stressful. I think of this as a storm; many times in life we find ourselves in the middle of storms, both emotional and logical. We can’t see our way out of the storm, can’t tell which way to turn, maybe can’t even tell how bad it is. This is where the importance of others come into play.

The people around us aren’t in the storm; they are standing outside. How great would it be to have someone on the outside of our storm to help?

Okay. Sounds great D. What if I can’t consult someone else?

Pretend it’s your family member, friend, significant other trying to find their way, and consider what you would tell them.

What would you tell someone you love in the same situation? Take a minute to think that one over, and I think you will see how powerful that one question can be. Try it out next time you can’t see your way forward; imagine your friend came to you, shared the whole situation and details with you, and then asked for your advice. Then ask yourself honestly what you would say; it might just make your life simpler.

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